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Ulster County Regional Chamber of Commerce Foundation, Inc.

Foundation Logo - horizontal

Our Vision is a region rich in quality of life choices and demonstrated business opportunities.

Our Mission is your business success through connections, empowerment, education, and mentorship and an enhanced economic vitality for the Chamber’s region.

Our Purpose is to increase business educational program diversity and depth, and provide an optimal tax-deductible benefit to supporters. 

Our Values –

Sharing:  communicating and distributing information, techniques, and methods

Integrity: carrying out all our work with the greatest responsibility and accountability

Service:  providing leadership for our community’s well-being and a willingness to volunteer

Learning:  providing frequent structured and impromptu options for learning through programs, mentorship, sponsorship, and scholarship.

Preparation:  organizing and connecting individuals with knowledge, experience, expertise, and creativity with those pursuing opportunities to learn, innovate, grow and partner.

Partnership:  collaborating with institutions, organizations, and businesses that offer educational programs, services and incentives. 

The Chamber Foundation:

  • works collaboratively with the region’s institutions, agencies and organizations to identify the needs of employers and the labor force
  • develops, communicates and provides access to key topical programs targeted toward specific business and economic needs
  • engages both emerging and younger professionals in educational, networking and mentoring activities
  • retains the youth in our communities through connections, professional development, and leadership exposure

Foundation Board of Directors and Staff:

Kristin Backhaus, Ph.D, Chairman
Peter Carr, Vice Chairman
Ward Todd, President
Ryan Occhino, Treasurer
Harris Safier, Secretary
Donald Verity, Chamber Chairman of the Board

Board of Directors
Jennifer Alnwick
Nancy Clark. P.E.
Fran DePetrillo-Savoca
John Eickman
Michael Janasiewicz
Paul Kesick
Eileen Larocca
Anthony Marmo
Leslie Sewell
Kate Waage

Ingrid Kulick, Executive Director